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Children’s Feelings Wheel Hard Enamel Keychain


This is a very simplified version of my feelings wheel magnets, designed for use with children. The magnet is divided into four sections based on the Zones of Regulation model. The magnet can be used to help identify how someone is feeling, and then to recognise the appropriate response to that feeling. The Zones of Regulation model is designed to help people to learn how to self-regulate, so that they can identify the appropriate state of alertness for different situations. For example, being Silly is a Yellow "Slow Down" feeling, which might be appropriate for playing outside, but wouldn't be appropriate in a library. 

The four response options are:

  • Go - a regular state of alertness. These are positive emotions, so we can usually continue what we were doing.
  • Slow Down - a heightened state of alertness. These are emotions that we should take some time to reflect upon, so we can identify where the emotion is coming from. We might consider slowing down or stopping what we were doing that might be influencing these emotions.
  • Stop - an extremely heightened state of alertness. These emotions are a reason to stop what we were doing and try to calm ourselves down.
  • Rest - a lowered state of alertness. These are emotions that cause us to need to pause and take a rest from what we were doing, so we can find our calm centre and try to feel happy again later. 


The backstamp reads:


"How do you feel?

Use the Emotional Regulation Wheel to identify your feelings.


Designed and produced by Jesse Irwin Art”


Each keychain is gold plated hard enamel with screenprinted text. Please do not be unusually rough with this keychain - the screenprint may scratch off if treated very roughly. When I put screenprinted items on my own keys, they survive just fine, but when my partner tries, he somehow scratches the screenprint. So be careful if you are very rough with your keys.

I have experimented with coating the text with epoxy resin. It appears to work to protect the text, as it adds a clear shiny coating to the keychain. I have added it to this listing as an optional upgrade. Choosing the resin option will mean that your order will take an extra day or two to ship, as I have to apply the resin and let it dry.


Each keychain charm is 50mm (2") wide, and the whole keychain is 11.5cm (5”) long. The whole keychain weighs 40g. 

Complete the look:

Children’s Feelings Wheel Hard Enamel Keychain


About the Artist

My name is Jesse Irwin and I am disabled Brisbane artist. I have been doing custom commissions and selling completed artworks since 2017. My work tends to explore themes of mental health, depression, and the beauty of the animals we love.


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