Aussie Birds - Travel Card Vinyl Sticker
Aussie Birds - Travel Card Vinyl Sticker
Aussie Birds - Travel Card Vinyl Sticker
Aussie Birds - Travel Card Vinyl Sticker

Aussie Birds - Travel Card Vinyl Sticker

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Maaaate! Stick this vinyl sticker on your go card to jazz it up a bit.

The sticker is 84mm wide x 53mm tall. It should fit on all credit card sized cards, such as myki cards and go cards. The stickers are a teeny tiny bit smaller than the cards, so you don’t accidentally peel it off at the edges, and so you can still see what colour the go card is if you need to show whether it’s a green concession card or not.

I’ve asked Translink if it’s ok to put stickers on your go card, and they said it’s ok, as long as you’re willing to peel it up to show what type of card it is if a Translink officer asks to see it. 

If you're not in Queensland, please ask for permission from your own transit authority BEFORE purchasing this sticker. Some states do not allow you to add stickers to your travel cards. 

I have added an option to the drop-down menu to purchase this sticker with a clear plastic sleeve. You can stick the sticker onto the sleeve, and insert your travel card into the sleeve to make it fancy without permanently sticking it to the card. 

Each sticker is made from fancy bumper sticker vinyl, with a protective UV coating. The stickers should be waterproof and scratch resistant, and won’t fade in the sun.

Apply carefully, from one edge to another, onto a clean and dry plastic travel card. 

Customer Reviews

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I love it!

It certainly brightens up my commute! Excellent quality and super fun.

Jade Blackley

These stickers are wonderfully made, bright and colourful. I smile every time I get my gocard out!

I even had to order a second one for my little brother :D

Paige Mackie
The snazziest go card sticker

This is the most fun sticker! People are always jealous of my cool go card. The plastic sleeve is a great option so I can just slip the sticker inside and can enjoy the sticker without having to commit to sticking it on.

Brighten your bus trip

A little bit of colour on my bus pass that makes me smile. Great quality, product and service. Thanks Jesse!

Zahra Pending

For so long I have gotten my go-card mixed up with my friends. All of us on concession, one of us puts our go-card on the table, and when its time to head off we all have to pat our pockets and check our bags to find out through elimination whose go-card that is. No longer will I have to go through that whole song and dance! Now my go-card looks pretty flash, with the bright, vibrant colours, the adorable and full-of-personality design of Brisbane's most iconic birds, and the high quality vinyl that allows it to decorate my go-card. I especially appreciate that research into whether such stickers are allowed was done by Jesse, and that the sticker is just a little bit smaller than the card itself, letting its green show for easy inspection. And the sticker doesn't hamper its use in any way, I still get that little beep noise every time I tap on and tap off. It functions like normal, it's just a million times cooler now. I was given two actually, and I gave the spare to a friend with a blue go-card (so we wouldn't get ours mixed up). I'd love to buy more for my friends but then we'd end up back at square one.