Magnetic Needleminder - Grey Tabby Curled Cat 35mm Hard Enamel Pin Converted to Needle Minder with Very Strong N50 Neodymium Magnets

Magnetic Needleminder - Grey Tabby

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I've converted some of my pins into needleminders! I've filed off the pins and used strong e6000 glue to attach an N50 strength neodymium magnet. The needleminder comes with a second matching magnet to allow you to attach it to your fabric as you work, to hold your needles and pins safely.

The needleminder can also be worn as a pin on lightweight clothing, with your shirt sandwiched between the magnets. This allows you to wear the pin without putting pinholes in your nice clothes!

It also works as a refrigerator magnet!

Each hard enamel needleminder is 35mm (1.5”) tall.

If your needleminder has screenprinted details, extended use as a needleminder will almost certainly scratch the screenprinting and wear it away. To extend the life of the screenprinting, you may wish to coat the face of the needleminder with a thin coat of clear nail polish or other varnish.

Your needleminder may have a speck of dust or minor scratches or other minor imperfection, this is unavoidable due to the handmade nature of enamel pins.


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Adorable needle minder

Great quality needle minder with an adorable design. Works great!